Michigan’s 13th District is one of the poorest in America. A full quarter of our residents are living below the poverty line and don’t have  adequate opportunities to succeed . Affordable housing, clean drinking water, and a quality education are out of reach for far too many of our families. But what’s worse than any statistic that I could tell you is the near universal feeling of hopelessness. I’ve gotten through difficult times, and I want to help more families have a better quality of life.


As I talk with folks in our community, I too often hear mothers and fathers, aunts and grandmothers talk of scratching and clawing not just to make ends meet, but to give their children a chance to “get out”. There is an inescapable feeling that hope, and opportunity, and a chance to thrive exists elsewhere – not in Detroit. 


It wasn’t always this way. Detroit was once one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the most prosperous country the world had ever known. Black and brown friends and neighbors owned businesses or had union jobs with security, respect, and dignity. When they laid their head on their pillow at night, they knew it wasn’t perfect, and that there was still work to do. But they also knew without a shadow of a doubt that their kids would have it better than them.


So, what happened?  A toxic mix of political gridlock  in which lobbyists and corporations are the only ones who come out ahead. For generations giant corporations have re-written the rules, with the help of their lobbyist friends, to line their pockets through tax handouts that pad their profits. The result, under-resourced schools, crumbling sidewalks, and lead in our drinking water.


I’m running for Congress to change that. I’m an immigrant who “got out” of a tough situation. Like many of our friends and neighbors who’ve lost hope, I was born into poverty. Because of a little good luck and a lot of hard work I was able to come to America and achieve the American Dream. Now, that dream is simply not possible for far too many in our community. 


In Congress, I’ll fight back against the special interests that rig the game for themselves and I’ll work to deliver for you. As a state representative, I work each day to bring much needed funding back to Detroit, and that’s just what I’ll do in Congress. 


Legislation like Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill can meaningfully improve the lives of folks living in Southeast Michigan. It will put people back to work by rebuilding roads and bridges and keep our kids safe by replacing miles and miles of unsafe lead pipes used for drinking water. When I’m in Congress, I’ll never sell you out by voting against legislation like this that will help the people of our district. Together, we can build a community where opportunity, prosperity, and hope is in our grasp. Where our children get up, and don’t have to “get out” to find a good job to provide for their family.