Why I’m Running for Congress

Michigan’s 13th district is one of the poorest districts in America. A full quarter of our residents are living below the poverty line. Affordable housing, clean drinking water, and a quality education are out of reach for far far too many of our families…

I am here to listen and collaborate. I am here to bring people together as we work through difficult times. I am here to serve and stand up for working people.


“I will fight for social, racial, and economic justice”

Shri has been on the front lines with the Fight for $15 Movement because Shri worked minimum wage jobs through school to make ends meet…

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2 days ago
Shri Thanedar

Visiting Google HQ in California today, discussing AI's impact on the quality of peoples lives. ... See MoreSee Less

Visiting Google HQ in California today, discussing AIs impact on the quality of peoples lives.Image attachmentImage attachment+1Image attachment

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I’ve heard a great deal about this, both as an existential threat and a great boon to humanity. When you’re done, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

I see this as I'm hearing today's report. In May we lost 3600 jobs to AI 😡 . Regulations need to be put in place before everything goes to hell. Not just jobs!

Very impressive!

This could be dangerous for many employees - white collar , blue collar and ring around the collar. Continued or accelerated increases of job losses will make more people desperate and feel hopeless . The effects could be increased crime , mass shootings, and maybe even a civil war between the haves and have nots.

Very impressive!

Looks great 👍

Good to stay in front of these issues $

Keep up the good work! Man when do you sleep??

That’s Good 👍

This is awesome initiative Shri Thanedar 👍 We look forward to hearing from ur interaction with Google Team ..as what’s there Google’s AI platform can more offer to larger good of global community ✅

Hope you told them that AI’s need to be handled with caution.

That's really cool

खुप छान

छान सर

It will cost white collar workers thier jobs but so has Biden and the Fed. Don't worry you won't notice it in the Democrat run economy.

AI will replace all customer service reps. Anything done by phone or over the web will be AI. There will be a lot of people out of work.

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2 days ago
Shri Thanedar

Senate passes the debt ceiling bill 63-36. Bill goes to the President's desk now. ... See MoreSee Less

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Still a shame the republicans are using the people’s economy as a weapon to manipulate their agenda. But it’s good to know that the democrats are not willing to take the bait and help the country remain solvent.

I am glad only because the Government will not go in default but l am disappointed with the concessions the President gave up

Thank You for the report Sir! GOD BLESS

Thank God!

Great work!!

Just in time to pay my Social Security.

Biii signed, old news from you

That’s Good 👍

Thank god Republicans stopped the Democrat's from spending whatever they wanted. At least it won't make inflation worse. With the last 2 years of spending and debt we may get our credit down graded causing more problems.

We need to get back to the days of taxing the pants off of the wealthy and regulations on corporations, Wall Street and the banking industry.

Someone wake the president and get him his pudding cup and a pen. Make sure there are no sandbags placed by Trump operatives around.

Thank you


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3 days ago
Shri Thanedar

Love visiting art museums, when I get a free hour. ... See MoreSee Less

Love visiting art museums, when I get a free hour.Image attachmentImage attachment+3Image attachment

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Wonderful pictures

Wow! That's awesome!

Thank you for sharing!I love the Libby Art collection in Toledo OH if you ever get a chance. Our DIA is great too.

A good thing ti do!

Very nice 👍

Good Night 😘💤😴🌙

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4 days ago
Shri Thanedar

We got it done.
America will not default.
... See MoreSee Less

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Good for today ! But keep working! This isn’t over by a long shot! I am supporting Elizabeth Warren . The only true way to get out of this mess is to get the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share of taxes . Study her agenda for doing this and press on ! Thank you for your hard work !

and billionaires remain protected from having to pay their fair share of taxes, while the poor will be hounded and punished for receiving benefits; shame on America

That's awesome! Congratulations!

Some people don’t understand, you don’t always get what you really want. Good job done!

The Patriarchy will always defend itself by creating more vulnerable populations to exploit.

I love it when no one here understands what was accomplished

That's awesome 👏

We were never going to anyway.


Amen! I am happy!

The able bodied are already working, veterans and the disabled will be exempt from the work for food rule; I wonder if the caretakers for the disabled will be exempt.

Thank You for letting me know

Thank you, Shri

Thank you, Shri

You all did good, thank you!



That’s Good 👍

They did default in the court system .. Family court suck

Yeah but at what cost to the poor people once again the rich get richer the poor get poor way to go America

And despite all the games and all the unneeded drama and stress put upon the American people there is zero doubt that this was going to happen and could have been done months ago without all the grandstand nonsense.

But at what cost? As I said before, I can understand the difficult position many members were in. We can't let the nation default on its debt. Most people don't even understand all of the global consequences if that were to happen long term (even short term). Republicans were going to hold the entire nation hostage until they got what they wanted. Thankfully, it didn't go as far as most of them wanted it to go, but there are still vulnerable people hurt by this deal with little to no pain for those who can afford it and would hardly feel that pain.

I'm curious do Democrat voters ever look up the truth about who pays the most? THE RICH PAY THE MAJORITY OF TAXES. The top 1% get taxed at 26.9% while the bottom 50% pay 3.7%. It's simple math that is on the IRS website.

It was a game anyway. Just to get the rich richer! Let the Republicans shut down Medicare/Medicaid! They’d lose their base! Do it! Dare you! You’re all a bunch of lying phonies.


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