Why I’m Running for Congress

Michigan’s 13th district is one of the poorest districts in America. A full quarter of our residents are living below the poverty line. Affordable housing, clean drinking water, and a quality education are out of reach for far far too many of our families…

I am here to listen and collaborate. I am here to bring people together as we work through difficult times. I am here to serve and stand up for working people.


“I will fight for social, racial, and economic justice”

Shri has been on the front lines with the Fight for $15 Movement because Shri worked minimum wage jobs through school to make ends meet…

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19 hours ago
Shri Thanedar

The Great Lakes Water Authority provided the following update to the 120-inch Water Transmission Main Break and Boil Water Advisory, as of 11:30 a.m. on August 15, 2022. Please see GLWA’s website for the full release and updates as available: glwater.org ... See MoreSee Less

23 hours ago
Shri Thanedar

Respect, honor, and fairly compensate our teachers, create a safe work environment for these great people who are responsible for our children's future.They are America’s most unappreciated heroes…

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Respect, honor, and fairly compensate our teachers, create a safe work environment for these great people who are responsible for our childrens future.

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This is a disgrace as Michigan sits with a budget surplus and don’t even think about a special bonus to teachers that have had major impacts and disruptions due to the pandemic shutdowns. Shame on our government, schools and teachers need proper funding, it is the future for our next generations…proper educations including practical trade apprenticeships.

I have spent about $1,000 a year as have my co-teachers!

Have been taking my (daughter) Teacher out for 3 weeks to prepare.

arent teachers salary? how is this unpaid time then if its figured in their salary?

They don't pay Teacher's enough, in may day schools supply all supplies

Yes, yes they are, however you wish to spin it.

Michigan lottery has given schools 32 billion dollars since its inception in 1972. Where is all of this money???

So tha school administrators fail this badly but still get paid with a sweet retirement package? But you think throwing more money at this problem will fix it. Typical politician.

No children or grandchildren yet I’m still paying taxes for schools.

Except that big ass list of shit they expect parents to buy. So what the 9 weeks off plus the x mas vacay paid winter break paid spring break paid aint good enough

Why? And isnt this illegal?

.....but if teachers and schools get more money.....how will we fund Betsy DeVille's next tax break?

We must begin to actively fight for our public education system! The oppositions goal is to make education for the wealthy only. The uneducated are much easier to control!

All the teachers who were ran out of their jobs due to lowering their value and income are the ones worth mentioning. Sure there are a few good teachers here and there, but the majority of all the good teachers already moved on to greener pastures. I have three kids in different grades and schools and it's almost near impossible to find a good teacher.


Don't know too many hourly paid teachers moron

Their salary says that's a lie


How much to Ukraine did we send? How expanded was the recent bill for the IRS? Come on Shri, let’s talk real talk. We don’t have a tax collection problem. We have a government spending problem. What was the amount we put on Elon Musk over his Twitter purchase and solving world hunger, $6 Billion? Yet we just gave the IRS $80 Billion. Lay out some real talk.

W H Y 😢😢😢


Yup. I know.

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1 day ago
Shri Thanedar

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But Republicans vote against it every time!!!!

The sad thing is that it has been all legal in our tax system. Let’s make America functional for all again by bringing back all of those taxes from income earned in this country.

The only way the rich will pay their patriotic fair share in taxes is if we vote out all the Republicans.🇺🇸

Fact: We will give to a corrupt country like Ukraine

Good luck never going to happen

Perhaps, one day with term limits and overturning Citizens United, that may be possible...but as of right now, there only a handful of politicians, on the Right and Left, that would vote for that to happen.

We can but , when will the laws that permit them , made by whomever , be changed by the people in Washington DC who are in it for the money ????

If you earn money here you should have to pay. The system fails when the resources are stolen.

Why we got more IRS agents, but the republican party wants you to believe there nonsense!!! Maybe now these damn companies will be forced to pay and the richy rich can pay there's too!!!! Get our debt down!!! Now ask yourself this Why would republicans not want that?? Because of there donors!!!


Makes too much sense!

Fuck that, let them keep it. Let's just take over our work places and make them owned by those who do the work. Change What "Property' is.

The gop ALLOWS the relocation of profit in exchange for political support, then claims America first ...the surprise is many believe in them! Pass the koolaid!


Golly, what a concept!

Agree 100%!!!

Doesn't even compare to the amount the feds piss away every year. I think we need to start slashing at that first.

Hello Shri, I heard you state reparations in one of your ads. I hope you do your homework in this most serious & important regards to the AFAMs of Detroit & America! Congrats!

Most of money is going to IMF get rid of FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM no more debt or taxes

Hey, won't some of that money "trickle down" and help poor----OR, they could just get a second job and pull themselves up by their bootstraps like Trump and friends did/do!!!! I heard on Fox News that the trickle is scheduled to start in 2034.

I'm still waiting for him to come up with his own ideas.

If they keep their money offshore, that's where they should live too. If they claim to be for America they should quit dodging taxes that help ALL. Thank you for fighting for all of us.

But they own congress

This why they love America, legalized bribery to buy politicians to pass laws to benefit you aka Corporate America.

Those idiot republicans dont want EVERYONE TO PAY TAXES!!!! Those hypocrites, always acting like they have this great love for the country, and say buy america, and make america great, and they're taking their money and hiding it in other countries. These pimps make money off americans and won't pay taxes. Yet you have the IRS coming after every day people who struggle to pay taxes, but do pay. While these lying slimy TRICKSTERS get away free. Why isn't the IRS doing something about these rich people not paying but will pu🤔t a family out of their home that been struggling????

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