Michigan has faced Environmental injustice for decades and little has been done about it. From pollution of our water and air to the poisoning of our soil, communities of color are bearing a dual and disproportionate burden of environmental injustice. We have a moral, ethical, and legislative obligation to fix these problems now and I will advocate to reduce the environmental injustices that plague our state in both urban and rural areas.”


In an effort to work towards Environmental Justice I have introduced the following bill:


House Bill 5003: would require industrial or commercial entities that discharge liquid waste into any water other than through a public sanitary sewer to have waste treatment or control facilities.


And my bill would ensure that waste treatment facilities are supervised by people who are certified by the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. We have to protect our air, land, and water with properly qualified people at these facilities.


Also, in our Fiscal Year 2022 budget, I was able to bring $5 million dollars to Southeast Michigan to provide air quality monitors in Detroit. The air we breathe and the water we drink matter – and Detroit should not be a dumping ground for big corporations.